10 Records set by the EURO 2020 Quarter-finals

The EURO 2020 quarter-finals have witnessed a set of distinguished records.

In addition, this tournament was a great surprise, with the elimination of the strongest teams of the tournament, France. Germany, and the Netherland.

These quarter-finals will witness tough games between Switzerland and Spain. Belgium and Italy, the Czech Republic and Denmark, Ukraine, and England.

Here are the EURO 2020 Quarter-finals Top 10 Records

  • Italy reached the 31st game in a row led by Roberto Mancini undefeated, surpassing Vittorio Pozzo’s 30-game unbeaten streak in 1939.
  • Spain’s national team is the first in EURO history to score five goals in consecutive games.
  • Nine own goals were scored, the same number that was scored in all editions of the previous tournament combined.
  • Pedri’s own goal in Spain against Croatia was registered from a distance of 49 yards. Making it the longest-ever netted in Euros and the first-ever scored from outside the box.
  • Croatia against Spain (5-3), the 8 goals scored in the Round of 16 match is the second-highest in the history of Euro.
  • Switzerland reached the quarter-finals for the first time in 67 years after beating France in the Round of 16.
  • France has lost in their last three games in which they played extra time in major tournaments.
  • England team kept clean sheets in their opening four matches in a major tournament since winning the World Cup in 1996.
  • Ukraine reached the quarter-finals for the first time after winning 2-1 against Sweden in the Round of the 16.
  • Denmark has qualified for the quarter-finals of a major tournament (the World Cup or the EURO) for the first time since Euro 2004.

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