A Foreign Refereeing Team Officiates the Match of Al-Hilal V.S. Al-Shabab

The Referees Committee of the Saudi Football Association has officially announced that a foreign refereeing team is in charge of the big match.

Al-Hilal and Al-Shabab meet in an important encounter in the 26th round of the Saudi Professional League.

The committee stated that it had appointed a Romanian refereeing team to lead the match.

It indicated that handing this task to foreign referees came in response to a request made by the management of Al Shabab club.

The management of Al-Shabab had refused to let a Saudi referee officiate the match between the two teams next Friday at Prince Khalid bin Sultan Stadium.

In addition to being a classic match, the encounter between Al Hilal and Al Shabab this season is particularly important.

The match is an important stop for both teams in their journey towards achieving the Saudi Professional League title.

The two teams are equal in the number of points with 48 points each.

However, Al-Hilal is at the top of the table due to goal difference.

Last March, the Al Shabab Club administration attacked the refereeing mistakes that affected its team during the Saudi League competition.

The Al Shabab administration expressed its strong dissatisfaction with the “influential refereeing mistakes” that affected the team in the league.

It singled out the refereeing mistakes that targeted the team in the recent encounters.

The Al Shabab administration considered that these referring mistakes had greatly and directly affected the scores of the matches.

It indicated the consensus of the refereeing experts and the Referees Committee’s admission of these mistakes. It referred, for example, to what happened in the match against Al-Qadisiyah.

As a result, the administration of the Saudi Al-Shabab Club announced its intention to seek the assistance of “foreign referees”.

Complaints against refereeing are not limited to Al Hilal and Al Shabab clubs. It also affects other clubs competing in the Saudi Professional League.

Al-Ittihad Club had insisted on bringing in a foreign refereeing team to officiate its match against Al-Hilal Club last March.

Al-Ittihad submitted a formal request to bring a foreign refereeing team to the main Referees Committee in the Saudi League.

As a result, informed sources said that the administration of Al Ittihad transferred the amount of money needed to bring the foreign refereeing team to the Referees Committee.

The club’s request to bring in the foreign referees came due to the refereeing mistakes that occurred in the first round match between Al Ittihad and Al Hilal.

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