A new moral scandal for Al Hilal player

A new moral scandal shocked the Saudi sports community. A Peruvian newspaper published a story of marital infidelity committed by the Peruvian player of Al-Hilal, Andre Carrillo.

According to the newspaper, the surveillance cameras caught Carrillo, cheating on his wife. He was spending a “hot evening”, with two well-known models. Carrillo had performed very well with Peru in the Copa America 2021.

In fact, this moral scandal is not something new for the Peruvian star. He had committed immoral behavior through his personal pages for social networking.

Now, Al Hilal Club is preparing to start the new season 2021-2022 with a training camp in Austria.
However, the Saudi sports community refused to keep the player. And demanded the expulsion of Carrillo after his recent disgraceful behavior.

Furthermore, the fans asked the club to replace him with a player who would provide a better addition to the team.

But, it seems that the Al-Hilal administration decided to keep Carillo. They will not expel him in the upcoming season 2021-2022.

This happened before with the previous Al-Nasr board of directors. It had kept the Brazilian player, Giuliano de Paula, despite his accusation of moral issues.

The Al-Nasr administration bet at the time on the innocence of Giuliano. Until the player escaped from the team, by terminating his contract, because of his late salary.


Moreover, media professionals, such as Hammoud Al-Qahtani, Abu Latifa, and Walid Al-Harbi announced the continuation of all foreigners of Al-Hilal. With the exception of Italian playmaker, Sebastian Giovinco.

Giovinco’s departure from Al Hilal depends on the decision to sign a new foreign player.

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