After the departure of Moumina.. the Saudi Al-Ahly Club has no presidential candidates

The second day in a row has ended since the Saudi Al-Ahly club announced the opening of the door for candidacy. No candidates for the presidency or the membership of the club’s board of directors applied for it.

This is what the club announced through its official Twitter account.

The club noted that the candidates’ files are received via e-mail to the General Committee for Sports Clubs Elections.

The club indicated that receiving files will continue during the candidacy period until next Thursday at 9:00 pm.

In the meantime, the date of the vote will be announced. And the general assembly of the Saudi Al-Ahly Club will be held next Tuesday, May 4.

According to the announced schedule, the appeal against the procedures for holding the general assembly will be on Wednesday, May 5.

As for reviewing the appeals, it will be on Thursday, May 6.

The announcement clarifies that after that, the new board of directors will be approved by Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports.

The Saudi Minister of Sports had assigned the Executive President of the club, Walid Ghazi, to run the club’s business temporarily until the election of a new club President to succeed Abdul-Ilah Moumina.

Moumina suddenly resigned from the presidency of Al-Ahly before the Al-Shorta SC match in the fourth round of the 2021 AFC Champions League.

The club won that match 2-1.

Moumina’s resignation came as a result of successive difficulties and crises that tightened the noose on him.

The man stepped down from the chair of the “Green House” after a period of about a year and two months.

Abdul-Ilah Moumina is the 43rd president of the Saudi Al-Ahly Club.

And after the victory over Al-Shorta SC, the resigning president tweeted:

“Oh, my beginnings, and my endings, oh, the most beautiful moments of life, my dwelling and safety, and my happiness, I have left you and went away for your sake, but you are always in the depths of my heart.”

Then, he continued, speaking of Al-Ahly: “You are the love and you are the passion. Long live the great Al-Ahly, Long live the big Al-Ahly, Long live the Green.”

Furthermore, Moumina had admitted that he committed a set of mistakes during the last period.

The former president had pledged in early April to correct these mistakes.

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