Al-Ahly beat Auckland City in the Club World Cup


Al-Ahly club team defeated Auckland City 3-0, and many football fans still wanted to know the summary of the Al-Ahly and Auckland City match today in the first round of the Club World Cup competitions.


Where the coach of the first team at Al-Ahly Club wants to get a good position, after the Red Genie won fourth place last season and won the World Cup silver, and before that he won the World Cup bronze. In this article, we will monitor for you all the details of the summary of the important opening match on the grounds. Moroccan and the channels that broadcast the match and the lineup of the two teams. To know the details, you can follow the next lines.


Summary of the Al-Ahly and Auckland City match today


Al-Ahly Club started putting pressure on the team and reached the opposing team’s goal more than once, as Al-Ahly club wanted to score in the first half to end the match so that it would not reach the difficult minutes, and in the 15th minute of the first half, the player Ahmed Abdel Qader reached the opponent’s goal and was close to scoring .


Then Amr Al-Suleya played a decisive pass in the 22nd minute of the first half. Hussein Al-Shahat played a dangerous corner on the opposing team, but the defense line succeeded in removing it, while the player Hamdi Fathi hit a ball over the post in the 23rd minute, and the Red Genie succeeded in scoring in the last minutes of the first half with his feet. The player, Hussein Al-Shahat, ended the first half with a score of 0-1 for Al-Ahly Club.


Summary of the second half of the Al-Ahly and Auckland City match


Al-Ahly Club started the second half with great focus, and in the first real opportunity, the team scored in the 56th minute a second goal in Auckland City Club with the feet of the great striker Muhammad Sharif, and after the goal that Muhammad Sharif scored, he reached the goal again in the 66th minute, with a pass from the player Hussein Al-Shahat, who presented the best His matches were one of the most prominent players in the first and second half, and the one who reached the goal more than Ahmed Abdel Qader, and for the Auckland City team.


It also did not cause any danger to the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, while Taher Muhammad was replaced by the player Hussein Al-Shahat, and Percy Tau came down at the expense of Ahmed Abdel Qader and Kahraba at the expense of Muhammad Sharif, Marwan Attia instead of Elio Diang and Majdi Afsha instead of Amr Al-Suleya, and in the 85th minute Percy Tau scored with a pass from the player Mahmoud Kahraba, so the match ended with a score of 0-3 for Al-Ahly Club

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