Al -Ahly loses against Real Madrid in the Club World Cup


Al -Ahly lost its chances to achieve the dream of qualifying for the Club World Cup final after losing to Real Madrid, the Champions League champion with four goals against one goal, and Al -Ahly lost four after the team retreated significantly in the last ten minutes.


Real Madrid advanced at the Moulay Abdullah Stadium in the city of Rabat in the 42nd minute by Vinicius Junior, while Valverde strengthened the advance of the royal team in the 46th minute at the beginning of the second half.


Al -Ahly reduced the difference in the 65th minute from a penalty kick by Ali Maaloul, while Rodrigo sett the qualification card with a third goal in the 93rd minute to kill Al -Ahly’s chances and Sergio Arbas strengthened with a fourth goal from the first touch in the last minute.


Al -Ahly plays against the Brazilian Flamingo team at five thirty in the evening next Saturday, to determine the third and fourth places in Tangier.


Description the match


first half


The first half witnessed a remarkable equal between the two teams, with the superiority of Real Madrid in acquiring the ball.


Despite Real Madrid’s acquisition, Al -Ahly missed more than one opportunity to kidnap the goal of progress before Vinicius Junior succeeded in progressing for the Spanish royal before the end of the first half.


The first ten minutes witnessed the complete control of Real Madrid players on the ball, but without danger to Mohamed El -Shennawi’s goal.


The play was limited to half of Al -Ahly stadium with the exchange of the ball between the feet of Real Madrid players, but without reaching the penalty area.


Real Madrid’s first danger came in the seventeenth minute after dodging from Rodrigo from the right side of Al -Ahly, but Mahmoud Metwally turned it into a corner kick.


Luka Modric carried out the corner kick with a successful cross at the head of Antonio Rodigir, but it was successfully confronted by Mohamed El -Shennawi.


From a counterattack, Al -Ahly played Real Madrid’s defense players with a magic pass from Ahmed Abdel Qader to Mohamed Sharif, who paid it with his left foot, but next to the right post of Andrei Lunin, Real Madrid goalkeeper.


Rodrigo missed an investigative opportunity after a perfect cross from Fedi Valverde in the 23rd minute, and he passed next to the left post of Mohamed El -Shennawi.


In the most dangerous attacks, Abdel -Qader received a pass from Maaloul from a corner kick and Nacho Hernandez dodged in the 26th minute to raise a cross by Mohamed Abdel Moneim with a header, but the highest tag is just two colors.


Real Madrid quickly responded with a sudden shot from Chawini in the 27th minute from outside the penalty area, but El -Shennawi tackled it twice.


The attacks continued in the second third of the first half, and Vinicius almost opened the registration with a successful dodging from the left side of Real Madrid, but his shot passed near the left post of Mohamed El -Shennawi.


Real Madrid continued its threat to Al -Shennawi’s goal, this time in the 28th minute of a ball cut against Amr Al -Sulaya, to justify Rodrigo and hit, but in the right post of Al -Shennawi and pass peacefully at Al -Ahly’s defenses.


Lunin saved a achieved goal in the 31st minute after a successful dodging from Hussein Al -Shahat from the right side and hit it wonderful, but the Real Madrid goalkeeper turned it into a corner.


Vinicius Junior was removed from Al -Ahly with a first goal in the 42nd minute, after a mistake from Mahmoud Metwally in the dispersal of the ball to reach the Brazilian player, who fell greatly at the top of Mohamed El -Shennawi.


Second half


On the start of the first half, Real Madrid players succeeded in strengthening the progress in the first minute of the second half of the Fadi Valverde.


Mohamed El -Shennawi responded to the Real Madrid attack after Rodrigo’s shot, but the ball wore the Valverde, who dodged Al -Ahly’s defense and hit it on the right of Al -Ahly goalkeeper in the 46th minute.


Hussein Al -Shahat tried quickly in the 48th minute with a great shot to the right of Real Madrid goalkeeper.


Al -Ahly continued its pressure, trying to reduce the difference, and a cross around Mohamed Sharif reached a header in the 51st minute, but the top of the crossbar is without danger to two colors.


After three minutes, the ball reached Mohamed Sharif again inside the penalty area, but it expected two colors well and tackled it before the Al -Ahly striker shot.


Al -Ahly’s defenses surprised Al -Ahly with another strong shot from outside the penalty area in the 55th minute, but Mohamed El -Shennawi successfully tackled it over twice.


In the 61st minute, Koler pushed the duo Hamdi Fathi and Birry Tao instead of Aleo Diang and Mohamed Sharif in an attempt to reduce the difference.


Mohamed El -Shennawi, Vincentius, prevented the killing of the match early in the 62nd minute after a wonderful pass from Kamavinga, but Al -Ahly goalkeeper was successfully confronted, and Hussein Al -Shahat translated Al -Ahly’s attempts to give the team a penalty kick in the 64th minute after being hindered by Kamavinga inside the penalty area, and in the end he lost Al -Ahly with a quadruple Apart from a goal.

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