Al-Ahly club defeated El Entag El-Harby in the last minutes

Al-Ahly club defeated El Entag El-Harby

Al-Ahly club won a difficult victory over the Military Production Club team in the match that brought them together today at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium. The goal was scored in the last moments in the 93rd minute by the player Bwalya, and this match was postponed from the 24th week of the Egyptian Premier League competitions.

The first goal of the Al-Ahly club was scored by the player Ali Maaloul, who scored the goal through a penalty kick, and it was calculated by the referee of the match, Mohamed Maarouf, against the goalkeeper of the military production, Ahmed Yahya.

The second goal of the Al-Ahly club was scored by the star player Hussein Al-Shahat, and the third goal by the star player Bwalya, and this goal came in the last minute, and this goal caused Al-Ahly to win over the Military Production Club.

Two goals were scored for the El Entag El Harby club team, and the two goals came through the two stars, Mohamed Tariq Abu El Ezz and Mustafa El Badry. The victory that happened to Al Ahly club raised its score to 55 points, and Al Ahly came second in the Egyptian Premier League. El Entag El Harby club’s balance was frozen at 19 points in the last place.

At the beginning of the match, Al-Ahly club had a large percentage of the ball, and there were many opportunities to score goals, but they were not lucky, including the shot by Diang, but the ball came over the goal.

After the first goal scored by the player Ali Maaloul in the Military Production Club, the Military Production players tried to organize themselves and build attacks, but the Al-Ahly club’s defense was coherent until the match referee Muhammad Maarouf blew the whistle at the end of the first half.

And the formation of the Al-Ahly club came: Ali Lotfi, in defense, Ayman Ashraf, Badr Banoon, Muhammad Hani, Ali Maaloul, and in the middle came Amr Al-Suliya, Aliou Diang, Muhammad Majdi Afsha, Junior Ajayi and Mahmoud Kahraba in and Marwan Mohsen came in the attack.

On the bench, players Mahmoud Waheed, Mahmoud Metwally, Rami Rabia, Yasser Ibrahim, Mohamed Sharif, Hussein El-Shahat, Saad Samir, Walter Bwalya and Mustafa Schubert sat on the bench.

The formation of the military production came: in the guard of the goal, Ahmed Yahya, in the defense came Alaa Salama, Moaz Al-Hanawi, Muhammad Al-Shaibini, Tariq Abu Al-Ezz, in the middle Ibrahim Abdel-Khaleq, Islam Jaber, Hisham Muhammad and Muhammad Sosta, and in the attack, Mamadou Nyasio Mustafa Al-Badri.

Second half

The events of the second half were exciting through the players of the Military Production Club, who succeeded in surprising the Al-Ahly players with a strong attack, and this made them score two goals in the 53rd and 63rd minutes of the match through the two stars, Muhammad Tariq Abu Al-Ezz and Mustafa Al-Badri.

After that, the production players did not rely on the defense and launched some counter-attacks on the red team’s defense, which appeared badly due to the fatal mistakes of the duo Ayman Ashraf and Badr Banon in addition to Mohamed Hani, which prompted Musimani, the coach of the team, to make a change to the trio in order to activate the back line.

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