Al-Hilal coach after the defeat by Al-Ahly: The opponent should have been respected more

Coach Leonardo Jardim, the coach of the Saudi Al Hilal team, commented on the leader’s 4-0 defeat against Al-Ahly of Egypt and the loss of third place in the Club World Cup today, Saturday. Leonardo Jardim said of the four-way defeat to Al-Ahly, “There is no excuse, we played carelessly today.”

The Al Hilal coach added, “We started the match badly and got two expulsions that affected us. It is difficult to play with 9 players against 11 players.”

Jardim continued, “The circumstances that happened to us in the first part of the first half made us play without a clear strategy because of the lack of it.”

Jardim continued, “The players acted recklessly at the beginning of the match and we had to show more respect for the opponent, and we have to respect Al Hilal above all, this is very important.”

Al Hilal Saudi coach Leonardo Jardim commented on the referee’s decisions to expel Matthews Pereira and Mohamed Kno by saying: “All the referee’s decisions were correct.”

Saudi media reports revealed that Al Hilal Club management held an urgent meeting with Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim, after the team’s severe defeat a short time ago against Al-Ahly by four clean points, in the match to determine the third place in the Club World Cup currently held in the Emirates.

According to the Saudi “Al-Ekhbariya” channel, the Al-Hilal administration is currently holding a meeting with the team’s coach, Leonardo Jardim, at the “Al Nahyan” stadium, to discuss the reasons for the big loss from Al-Ahly by four clean points.

The victory over Al Hilal by four goals is the biggest win for the Red Genie during his participation in the Club World Cup.
The Al-Ahly quartet scored two goals against the Saudi leader, Yasser Ibrahim, Ahmed Eid Al-Qader and Amr Al-Sulayya.

Al-Ahly finished third in the Club World Cup for the third time in its history, after the 2006 and 2020 editions.

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