Al Nasr club dismisses the eighth player this season

Al Nasr Club, headed by Musali Al-Muammar, continues what the media calls the correction revolution led by the club’s president.

This summer, eight players left the ranks of Al Nasr Club. The last of whom was Fahd Al-Jumaiah.

Abha Club announced on its official website its contract with Al-Jumaiah, Al-Nasr Wing during the current transfer window.

Abha revealed that he had reached a final agreement with Al-Nasr. They bought the remainder of the player’s contract.


Al-Nasr announced earlier, the departure of more than 8 players from the first football team.

The departure of the eight players came within the framework of a campaign. The club’s president wants to reduce the financial burdens within the “correction revolution”.

In this context, Abha Club announced in an official statement, a contract with Fahd Al-Jumaiah.

Abha revealed that they had reached a final agreement with Al-Nasr to buy the remainder of the association’s contract.

Abha’s board of directors thanked its counterpart in Al-Nasr for the good handling during the negotiations to resolve the deal.

Al-Jumaiah is one of the sons of the Al Nasr Club. He graduated in its various age groups, before ascending to the first football team, in the summer of 2017.

Since ascending to the first football team, Al-Jumaiah has played 52 official matches. During which, he scored 5 goals and assisted 9 others.

The 26-year-old star played last season, on loan to Abha. But, he failed to score or create any assists, in 23 matches.


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