Al-Nasr Club president attacks Al-Hilal and questions its titles

Al-Nasr Club president, Musli Al Muammar, attacked Al-Hilal, questioning its local titles.

Earlier, Al-Hilal requested the documentation of its local titles at the Football Association.

Al Muammar tweeted, “Al-Nasr has 45 real titles. 17 of which are in the league with various names.

He added, “Whether the documentation happens or doesn’t, this is the history built by our men, over a period of 66 years. And, we all know that they suffered to reach this number. They did not scoop from the sea, as it was possible for others.”

Moreover, Al-Nasr Club president continued, “We support the work of the Football Association in documenting tournaments. But, not obliterating them. They should announce all the tournaments that the Federation has supervised since its establishment.”

He called for “not to reduce historical periods or tournaments, as happens in some media outlets. The committee should include honest and neutral men who witnessed the beginnings.”

He continued, “We want to monitor all the tournaments supervised by the Federation. That should be for the various degrees and regions. As for the issue of classifying the importance and strength of tournaments, it is not subject to whims. Some media outlets say [These tournaments are important because we have achieved them. And we do not recognize this because our opponent won all titles at that time.]”

He continued, “Finally and once again, we welcome the documentation when it is professional, comprehensive, and transparent. It should include men from all regions who lived through the early stages. The Federation’s General Assembly should approve their selection. They must be efficient and neutral, and I emphasize the latter.”


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