Al Shabab Protests against the Saudi League

Al Shabab Protests against the laws of the Saudi League. Their ex-player Muhammad Al-Shamrani attacked the Saudi Football Association. And the “unfair” legal regulations regarding organizing the league.

In a press statement, Al-Shamrani said, “The ninth criterion by which the Professional League organized the league is unfair to one of the largest clubs in the Kingdom.”

Al-Shamrani also added that the standard is provocative, shameful. And the biggest fall in the history of the league.

The administration of Al-Shabab Club, headed by Khaled Al-Baltan, also expressed its dissatisfaction with the ninth criterion set by the League.

In fact, the ninth criterion states that two derbies or El Clasico matches should not take place in one round. However, it only specified Al Hilal, Al Nasr, Al Ahly, and Al Ittihad clubs.

This identification without mentioning the name of Al-Shabab angered the club’s officials.

Al Shabab Protests against the regulations

In fact, Al-Baltan reprimanded the club’s representatives. And demanded that they criticize and protest the ninth standard used.

Two days ago, the Saudi Professional League received an official letter from the Al-Shabab club. It included an angry objection from the latter’s officials regarding the ninth criterion that the association relied on upon organizing the schedule of the Saudi Professional League.

However, the Saudi Football Association confirmed to the Al-Shabab club administration that the ninth criterion. And that the Clasico and derby clubs “Al Hilal, Al Nasr, Al Ahly and Al Ittihad” do not play any matches at one time is not the result of a moment. And is not new, as the administration imagines.

Furthermore, the association added that this system has been in place and approved for three years. And is available on the website of the Saudi Professional League, which is owned by the association.
Moreover, the representatives of Al-Shabab Club in the last three years were also aware of this standard.

At the time, the association’s management did not receive any objection or question about it.

It stressed that this new, strange and surprising objection by Al-Shabab was not logical. According to the official sources.

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