The Barcelona star was arrested for what he did in a nightclub


Spanish press reports revealed that the police arrested this morning, Friday, Brazilian player Dani Alves, the Barcelona player, on suspicion of sexual assault, according to what was announced by the Catalan regional police, after receiving a communication from a woman accusing the player of touching sensitive places and harassing her in a nightclub. .


Dani Alves


Commenting on the arrest of Dani Alves, a spokesman for the Catalan company said: “He came this morning to the police station in Les Corts, a neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​where he” was summoned. He was arrested on his way to the Court of Justice in Barcelona on charges of sexual assault.


And a court in Barcelona announced on the tenth of January that it had opened an investigation into a woman’s allegation that she had been sexually assaulted by a famous soccer player, without mentioning the player’s name, at a time when informed sources revealed to AFP that the person responsible for this accusation is the player. Dani Alves.


The regional police said that the woman who filed a complaint on the second of January, accused the 39-year-old player of touching her inappropriately, and press reports revealed that the incident was a conversation in a famous nightclub in Barcelona on the night of 30-31 last December.


The first response from Dani Alves to his accusation of sexual assault


In the player Danny Alves’ first comment on his sexual assault on a woman, he denied this in a message he sent to the Spanish channel Antena 3 on the fifth of January, and confirmed that he had not committed any criminal behavior and said that he did not know the woman who submitted the complaint, commenting, “I was there, in that.” A place with a lot of people having fun. Everyone knows that I love to dance and have a good time without invading other people’s privacy.”


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