Ancelotti: Courtois is ready to face Sevilla.. This is Kroos’ position on renewal


Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed the readiness of Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to face Sevilla at nine in the evening, Saturday, at the “Santiago Bernabeu”, in the eleventh round of the Spanish League.


Ancelotti said during the match press conference: “Courtois will return tomorrow, everyone is fine, if I make changes it will be to avoid future problems.”


He added: “In the history of football, there is no one who does not lose, any team beats you with more or less quality, in football there are many things that can determine the result, we are doing well and we want to continue.”


On the renewal of midfielder Toni Kroos: “I spoke with him, he is very calm, he will think about it after the World Cup in January or February, I think he will continue, his level is better than last year, he had physical problems at the beginning and then he did a very good job, It’s at a very high level.”


He continued, “He is playing a great level and I do not want to increase the ante because I am seriously risking my card. I will stay with ten goals. We are all very happy for Federico. He is a good person.”


He continued: “Continuity in football is important, the team sacrifices every game and fights, you always have to follow it, we are not always strong and sometimes we look at ourselves a lot in the mirror, there are many things that can be improved on a collective level. On a personal level, it is difficult to improve these players. “.


Real Madrid is at the top of the Spanish league standings with 28 points after 10 rounds of the competition, while Seville is in the twelfth place with 10 points.


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