Ancelotti: Our goal is to end the group stage at the top… and we have not resolved Benzema’s position



Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that he seeks to take the lead in the group stage of the Champions League, when he faces Celtic at 8:15 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “Santiago Bernabeu” in the sixth and final round of the Group F matches. From the group stage.


Ancelotti said in his statements about the match, “The goal is to finish the group stage in first place. We will return to our stadium, it will be another night in the Champions League where we will be able to achieve the best results.”


Ancelotti added, “Chwamini will not participate tomorrow and Benzema’s presence will depend on how he feels today,” explaining, “I don’t think that Karim Benzema’s absence from many matches is the World Cup. He did not play because he was not feeling well. He had two injuries and we must not forget that he He’s 34 and he has to play to get to the World Cup well, like all footballers.”


Ancelotti continued, “I don’t think Celtic will change the way they play. They will come here and play their game with strength, passion and quality. It will be an open game. I think with the quality they have, they can do better in this group. But they have done well so far.”


Ancelotti commented that Barcelona and Atletico Madrid did not qualify for the round of 16, saying, “This happened for many reasons, but it cannot be said that Spanish football is not competitive in Europe.”


The Real Madrid coach concluded, “We learned from the mistakes we made and they were different mistakes. I think we didn’t have the necessary focus in those matches. The lack of success in recovering the ball against Girona caused us to draw and the weak defense caused us to lose in Leipzig. Hopefully we can fix it.” Mistakes in upcoming matches.


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