Ancelotti reveals the position of Real Madrid’s injured against Cadiz

Ancelotti reveals the position of Real Madrid’s injured against Cadiz.. and sends a message about Barcelona

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed the situation of the injured before facing Cadiz tomorrow, Sunday, in the 18th round of La Liga competitions, at the “Santiago Bernabeu”.

“All the players who tested positive for the Corona virus are in good condition, that is the important thing,” the Real Madrid coach said at a press conference.

Carlo Ancelotti added, “Benzema is in a very good condition, he trained with the team today and he will definitely play tomorrow. It is true that Benzema trained alone in the past few days, but he is ready for tomorrow’s match and is ready.”

He continued, “We never thought about postponing the match because we have a good team ready to play, we have to live with the virus.”

He continued, “Hazard will play tomorrow, not because we have two players who are infected with the virus, but he is training well and is in good health.”

Regarding Croatian Luka Modric, Ancelotti commented, “His test result was negative, but he is tired of fever and has not trained these days. He certainly will not play tomorrow.”

The Real Madrid coach stressed, “Hazard has the desire and motivation. Playing as a starter did not come because of the setback we suffered, but because he was diligent in training and did a good job.”

He explained, “What can I say, playing at nine in the evening is a little late, at nine in the evening a lot of Italians are getting ready for bed, they put us at this time and we will play at this time.”

He continued, “David is fine, he has no symptoms, he is at home, his family’s results are negative, we are used to that, we bear it and look forward to it, when his result is negative he will return.”

Ancelotti confirmed, “We did well and we were also lucky, we don’t start well and we keep doing the same things, recovering well and assessing the physical condition.”

Regarding his opponent Cadiz, Ancelotti said, “We don’t have to change our identity too much, it is a team that is probably less good than others. If we have to defend at a low level, we will defend at a low level. We will not change the identity that has gone well for us in these matches.”

On Barca’s position in the La Liga title competition, Ancelotti replied, “Barcelona has the ability to fight to the end.”

Ancelotti concluded his statements, speaking of Paris Saint-Germain’s position in the Champions League, saying, “Playing against Paris Saint-Germain will be very exciting and fun.”

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