Antonio Conte on Real Madrid’s Radar after Zidane

Press reports revealed that Antonio Conte is on Real Madrid’s radar.

After the official departure of Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid administration wants to sign with the former coach of Inter Milan.

Previously, Real Madrid announced the departure of the French coach one year before the end of his contract.

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This season, Real Madrid ended without a trophy. They lost La Liga by two points to Atletico Madrid.

Before that, Chelsea knocked them out of the Champions League from the semi-finals.

Antonio Conte on Real Madrid’s Radar

Inter Milan announced in an official statement the departure of Antonio Conte. Surprisingly, this happened after winning the Serie A title.

The departure was after he disagreed with the administration’s policies regarding spending cuts and laying off some players.

Monte Carlo confirmed that Real Madrid had started talking to people close to Conte.

The French radio indicated that there are some Real Madrid players who will not be happy with the arrival of Conte.

For example, Real Madrid striker Eden Hazard did not have a good relationship with him when they were at Chelsea before.

At the time, Hazard did not like the Italian coach’s playing style.

Some reports indicated that Zidane’s relationship with the president of Real Madrid will continue to be friendly even after his departure.

About the future of Ramos, the Real Madrid captain, a Spanish newspaper confirmed that it does not seem easy. Until this moment, the player is outside the team’s plans for the new season after the crisis of renewing his contract.

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