Argentina vs Croatia. The journey of tango dancers and the “fiery” team in the World Cup


Argentina hit a fiery date with its Croatian counterpart in the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, at nine next Tuesday evening, within the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


Croatia qualified for the semi-finals at the expense of Brazil 4-2 on penalties, after the match and extra time ended in a draw with a goal for each team.


While Argentina qualified after the Dutch team skipped the quarter-finals, where the match and the extra time ended in a draw with two goals for each team, before penalties favored Argentina at the expense of the mills with a score of 4-3.




Croatia started their World Cup campaign with a goalless draw with Morocco, then beat Canada 4/1, and drew negatively with Belgium to qualify in second place in their group with 4 points, and in the round of 16 they drew against Japan 1/1, before winning the penalty shootout 3/1, and in the quarter-finals Croatia drew with Brazil 1-1, before the Croatian team won on penalties 4-2.




Argentina began its campaign in the group stage, losing to Saudi Arabia 2/1, then beat Mexico 2/0, and beat Poland 2/0, to qualify at the top of its group with 6 points, and in the round of 16 beat Australia 2/1, and in the quarter-finals Argentina tied with the Netherlands with two goals for the same, before the tango dancers won on penalties 4-3.


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