Arsenal coach: The loss against Tottenham is positive and we are looking for a good start in the English Premier League

Arsenal coach: The loss against Tottenham is positive and we are looking for a good start in the English Premier League

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta confirmed that losing against Tottenham with a free goal is positive before the new season in the friendly match that brought the two teams together today, Sunday, as part of preparations for the new football season 2021-2022 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

In a statement after the meeting, Arteta said:

“It was a great test to play this kind of game before the season started. I think the game went through different phases 10 minutes when we had some problems with our high pressure and we got a bit disorganized after that we controlled the game.”

The Arsenal coach added:

“We had some big chances but we didn’t score and they had one big chance and they didn’t score. The second half was very choppy with the amount of substitutions that happened, so getting the pace of the game became more difficult and the match was decided in a situation where we made a mistake and got punished.”

Follow Arteta:

“Let’s lose any game and lose against Tottenham, especially as we deal with the positives and learn and for the next time we are more prepared and better. We took a lot of good things that we played with a lot of youngsters who performed well today so I think it’s also good to prepare.”

And Arteta spoke about whether he would sign a new goalkeeper:

“I don’t know. I will repeat. We are training with the players we have available and trying to do the right things to improve the team in the required positions. We have now come a long way and the window is still open.”

On the offensive options in the transfer season, he said:

“What we have is what we have to maximize and worry about the things we don’t have at the moment useless. My energy is just on the players we have and making them better and making them a better threat and winning games.”

On the importance of beating Brentford in the first round of the English Premier League, he said:

“It’s always great to start with a positive result. It’s a tough place. The team that’s been playing together for a long time, the first game is always tough and they’re a really good opponent.”

On the other hand, Arsenal will visit the newly promoted team Brentford in the English Premier League next Friday in the opening match of the new season 2021-2022 of the English Premier League.

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