Australia Bribed To Buy 2000 Sydney Olympics, Revealed John Coates

Former Australian National Olympic Committee president and IOC vice-president John Coates alleged Sydney “purchased” the summer 2000 Sydney Olympics Games. In an hour-long interview in 2008, Coates admitted that he paid two African National Olympic Committees for their votes in 1993. This article will review the allegations made against John Coates regarding the unfair purchase of the year 200s Olympics Games and the investigation that followed.

Investigation about 2000 Sydney Olympics

Coates served as vice-president of the Sydney bid committee throughout its formation. As part of the AOC’s assistance program for African National Olympic Committees, Coates has offered contingent cash and athletic support to the Kenyan and Ugandan NOCs.

At the time of their award, these gifts did not contravene International Olympic Committee (IOC) laws; nonetheless, they were subsequently outlawed by the committee as a consequence of the accusations of corruption surrounding Salt Lake City’s successful bid to host the 2002 Winter Olympics. According to an interview with Victoria University sports professor Bob Stewart, which was done in 2008 as part of a Sports Oral History project for the National Library of Australia, Coates made some controversial remarks regarding the ideas, which were recently made public. Until recently, Coates’ thoughts on the bids had remained a mystery.

Accusations raised against John Coates

Following claims that he had given bribes in return for votes, an independent inquiry by the auditor Tom Sheridan found Coates not guilty of any misconduct in this subject in 1999. Coates is also the president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. In addition, Coates serves as the president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Sheridan said, among other things, that funds were not given directly to IOC members and that the IOC’s criteria prohibiting cities from participating were unrealistic.

While dining with IOC members Charles Mukora and Francis Nyangweso the night before the vote in Monte Carlo, he revealed that he had offered an extra $35,000 to each National Olympic Committee (NOCs) represented by the two IOC members. According to Coates in 1999, “I wasn’t going to die wondering why we didn’t win,” and he went on to say that the arrangement was “not nefarious.”

According to him, in 2004, after a BBC Panorama investigation, “no payments were paid, but letters were handed over with responsibilities to two African NOCs.”

Coates Statements about 2000 Olympic Games

He was vice-president of the Sydney bid committee, the most prominent Australian Olympic official. Coates, it is thought, does not deny that he supplied contingent funding and sports support to the NOCs of Kenya and Uganda under the AOC’s policy of aid to African NOCs on behalf of the Australian organizing committee at the time.

After that, as it was made clear, it was audited. ” However, an investigation revealed that one of the ten had been diverted to his account, concluding that we had purchased the Games. We indeed did.

Coates Olympics Preparations

As part of his preparations for the Sydney Olympics, Coates secured $2 million in scholarships for African athletes and coaches to train at the famed Australian Institute of Sport in Adelaide, a plan he said was “extremely crucial” in winning the Games.

There was always a hospital constructed by the Chinese, no matter where we went. We traveled into Mali, and people pointed out the bridge the Chinese had recently built. The same thing was going on in the Pacific, as Coates recounted.

Financial assistance from a candidate NOC to a NOC for sports development was not included in the guidelines in existence at the Sydney 2000 candidacy.” When the incident came to light, it was claimed that the current regulations were not broken. However, in 2003, the standards of conduct for the next candidate selection procedure were revised.”

Because Money Speaks Louder Than Merit

John Coates says that in 2000 Sydney Olympics was awarded to Sydney because it “bought the Games”. In return for their votes, Coates offered incentives to two African National Olympic Committees, which they accepted. An independent investigation by the auditor Tom Sheridan found him not guilty of any misconduct in 1999 after it was reported that he had engaged in bribery in the process. Mukora and Nyangweso received a $50,000 US cash offer from Coates for each of your two National Olympic Committees. The money was intended to be used for athletic activities.

Sports scholarships for athletes and coaches from African countries were secured through Coates’ efforts, which were hosted at the Australian Institute of Sport. Lawyers representing Coates said that he had a lengthy and distinguished career in the legal profession.

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