Barcelona close to signing Robert Lewandowski

Barcelona close to signing Robert Lewandowski

Barcelona President Joan Laporta announced, in important press statements, that there was a big surprise, which is the signing of the distinguished striker, Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. .

Barcelona president Laporta was asked about the possibility of contracting the distinguished striker Robert Lewandowski. Laporta responded to a Barcelona fan and said: “It is a strong candidate that Lewandowski will come to the club. It is one of the contracts that can be concluded and settled in the summer.”

Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski is in a state of brilliance this season, as he scored 47 goals in 41 games with Bayern Munich in various tournaments.

It is noteworthy that the 33-year-old Lewandowski has played for Bayern Munich since the summer of 2014 and helped the team achieve many local, continental and international titles, winning the Golden Ball once and the best player in the world by FIFA twice.

And press reports from days past and also confirmed that Barcelona will have to enter into official negotiations with the Bayern Munich administration in order to convince them to sell Lewandowski to them this next summer, especially since his contract still has a period with the club.

Reports indicated that Barcelona intends to give Lewandowski an annual salary of between 35 and 40 million euros, with a contract for two or three seasons, to convince the player to join the Barcelona team.

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