Xavi: Barcelona have a golden opportunity to qualify for the Champions League


Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez confirmed that his team has a golden chance to qualify for the Champions League next season, by defeating Real Betis in tomorrow’s match between the two teams in the 35th round of the Spanish League.

Xavi said during the match press conference: “We had a whole week to prepare against Betis, and tomorrow we have a golden opportunity to achieve one of our goals, which is to qualify for the league. Champions are direct opponents, and it will not be like that. Easy.”

Xavi added: “We have played some great matches and we have to maintain our level in order to compete for titles. We have seen what we can do and we have to be in the decisive matches.”

The Barcelona coach continued: “The goal this season is to qualify for the champions, and if we achieve that and qualify for the Spanish Super, that will be great, and then we will plan for the next season, we have to finish this season, it is not over yet.”

Xavi added: “We appreciate our 4-0 victory over Real Madrid, although it was only 3 points, and I expect Betis to be confident, especially after winning the King’s Cup. He deserved it. I congratulate them and Pellegrini.”

He confirmed, “The difference between us and Manchester City is that they were eliminated, but we were able to eliminate them when we had the opportunity to score more goals. History is about re-montages that they did, and we all saw that.”

He concluded: “Real Madrid have the personality to get back to the score. In our match against them, if they scored a goal after our 2-0 lead, they would have tried to get back to the score, so football is a fickle game, not always the one that deserves to win.”

Barcelona is currently second in the Spanish league standings with 66 points, 15 points behind Real Madrid, who previously won the title, while Real Betis is fifth with 58 points.

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