Barcelona’s illusion continues.. Lewandowski towards revenge for his new team for his previous act!


Barcelona faces many difficult challenges this season


Barcelona is unlucky, yes, it is a correct phrase with which we start our conversation now, the Catalan team never helps it, no matter what happens. Last season, when the Blaugrana occurred technically, psychologically and financially, he faced Bayern Munich in the group stage and came out early.


And now, after contracting with many new wonderful names, economic experts have made it clear that the Catalan club needs to climb to the round of 16 at least in the coming seasons due to its financial crises and its activation of cranes.


But he remained doomed, and fell in the group stage with Bayern Munich and Inter, we do not know the truth, is this a curse? Or will luck knock on everyone’s doors except for those in Catalonia!


Barcelona is in a bottleneck, and this is a fact, and he is trying to get out of it, and this is another fact, but it seems that circumstances will not help him, and unfortunately this is also a fact.


chance of revenge


From the outside, it seems that Barcelona needs this confrontation in order to defeat Bayern Munich and prove to everyone that it has returned to the top, but in fact all of these ideas are based on the idea of ​​gambling to enter into a battle that the Blaugrana does not wish now.


Of course, any Catalan fan wants to face the Bavarian giant again, but not now, not in the current circumstances.


Barcelona is now in a state of replacement and renewal, Xavi is trying to create a system that can be present in the European arena, and such operations require a huge effort and need time.


But exposing the Catalan club to such confrontations now harms it, because in the event of Barcelona losing – which is expected at a greater rate – some will think of demolishing everything and starting over.


Some will see that Xavi is not the man of the stage, that the new players are below par, and a lot of negative things like that that could prevent Barcelona’s return.


The negative points from those


confrontations that the Blaugrana are now exposed to are much greater than the positives, and the truth is that the last thing Barcelona or Xavi thinks about is falling into the group of death, or facing Bayern Munich in particular.


Chance to get a new team


On the other hand, this group is probably the best thing to happen to Xavi this season, as the big matches will give his players experience just by being there.


And if Barcelona can qualify from this group, Xavi will announce that his team is back on the scene again, after winning, of course, over Inter or Bayern.


The truth is that this idea is very cool, but only if it happens, and as we mentioned earlier, Barcelona is still in a state of development and has not yet reached what it was before.


The gains here are many, suffice it to say that the Catalan team will have a group of players with very high self-confidence if it passes from that group.


But achieving the goal will be difficult, and it may affect the team’s journey in the local championship, because the early big conflicts will prevent Xavi from rotating, because he wants to win here and there, and the competition is difficult in both titles, and therefore he will pay the best elements in all matches, and we must remember that achieving the Spanish League This is Barcelona’s first goal this season.


Therefore, it is possible that Barcelona will try and fail in the Champions League, and this will affect his career in the League, to fail twice.


Lewandowski between two fires!


Striker Robert Lewandowski will return to the Allianz Arena with very mixed feelings between his love for his current team and his sense of nostalgia for Bayern Munich and his former days.


The Polish star who beat Barcelona in the famous 8-2 time is now back to help Barcelona take revenge for the act he committed!


This is football, it’s normal, but can Lewandowski do it?


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