Barcelona seeks to quickly get rid of Gerard Pique to reduce salaries



Press reports revealed that the Barcelona administration plans to expedite the departure of defender Gerard Pique, whose contract expires in the summer of 2024, as part of the administration’s efforts to reduce the salary ceiling.


Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez defended Gerard Pique, stressing his role as a leader and in the dressing rooms, but the whistles of boos from the fans, whether when he pronounced his name, when he entered the stadium or touched the ball, prompted the necessity of his departure from the team after the end of the current season.


And the Spanish newspaper “Sport” confirmed that Gerard Pique is considered part of the best Barcelona in history, and was classified as the best defender in the team’s history, and the administration seeks to exploit this image and the need to preserve it to convince him to leave and give up staying until the end of his contract.


The newspaper pointed out that the good image of Pique and his great history in Barcelona cannot be squandered by insisting on staying and adhering to his contract until the end of the summer of 2024, which is what it is trying to exploit to convince him of a farewell befitting his history.


For his part, Barcelona President Joan Laporta confirmed that the administration wants to reduce the salary ratio from 656 million euros to 500 million euros in the 2024/2025 season. 2024, but the administration hopes to speed up the reduction process by getting rid of players before the end of their contracts.


And the newspaper continued, Xavi was clear with Gerard Pique before the start of the season when he told him that he would play a little and that he was the fifth center of defense in the team, and that the best way was to search for a way out, but he preferred to stay, and Laporta advised him to leave, but he refused, which led to anger in the club’s management and increased anger. After refusing to reduce his salary, he also blew up a surprise by retracting a previous agreement with the club’s management to reduce his salary in October 2020, despite signing the agreement.


Pique, 35, participated this season in 7 games, 449 minutes, in the Spanish League and the European Champions League.


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