Barcelona to play with Beitar in occupied Jerusalem

The efforts of the Emirati businessman, Hamad bin Khalifa, co-owner of the Israeli club, Beitar, paid off. Beitar is to play against Barcelona in a friendly match. The teams will compete in occupied Jerusalem, on the 4th of August 2021.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Football Association denounced Barcelona’s decision to play a friendly match against “Beitar” in occupied Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Football Federation called on Barcelona to reconsider the location of the match.

The federation added that by playing the match in the occupied part of Jerusalem. Barcelona would have directly violated the rights of the Palestinian Football Association. As, East Jerusalem is not within the jurisdiction of the Israeli football association to which Beitar is affiliated.

In fact, Hamad bin Khalifa invested 300 million NIS in the Beitar club. The club itself is famous for its racism against Arabs and Muslims.

Thus, this received a wave of Palestinian and Arab resentment, anger, and rejection.

According to Israeli reports, the businessman will invest $300 million, over ten years.

Some observers believe that Bin Khalifa’s success to make the game happen is a kind of strong propaganda for the occupier and a great service to its project in misleading global awareness and perpetuating normalization with them.

People all over social media condemned the decision of the match, especially after the Israeli crimes against people in Palestine, particularly occupied Jerusalem.


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