Bayern Munich raises controversy in Germany after participating in 12 players against Freiburg


Bayern Munich’s confrontation with its host Freiburg, which was decided by the first 4-1, in the 28th round of the German League competition, witnessed a strange event, through the participation of 12 players from the Bavarian team for several seconds before discovering the matter.

And the German newspaper, “Bild”, revealed that the match was stopped for several minutes before its end, due to the appearance of 12 Bayern players on the field of the match for several seconds.

The newspaper added that Freiburg is expected to file an official complaint because of what happened when 12 players were on the field during the match.
Bayern coach Nagelsmann commented on the incident, saying: “Tolisso had stomach problems and ran into the locker room. The fate of the match.

He added, “The problem was in the electronic board of the substitution numbers. In the switch, the number 29 appeared instead of Koman’s 11. Koeman had no way to find out, in addition, we did not attack the moment of this number.”

For his part, Freiburg coach Christian Streiche said: “There is a set of rules for such mistakes, we Freiburg, Bayern Munich and all other clubs have to abide by these rules, this is what I understand from the judicial laws.”

Freiburg vs Bayern

Bayern Munich advanced Leon Goretzka against Freiburg in the 58th minute of the first half of the match.

And soon Freiburg scored the equalizer against Bayern Munich, through Nils Petersen in the 63rd minute of the match.

Bayern Munich intensified its offensive pressure on Freiburg, in order to snatch the second goal.

In the 63rd minute, Serge Gnabry scored Bayern Munich’s second goal against Freiburg, making the score 2-1 in favor of the Bavarian.

Bayern Munich’s lead against Freiburg boosted the star Kingsley Coman in the 82nd minute of the match.

In lost time, Marcel Sabitzer scored the fourth goal for Bayern Munich against Freiburg.

With this result, Bayern Munich’s balance rises to 66 points at the top of the German League standings, while Freiburg’s balance freezes at 45 points in fifth place.

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