Bayern Munich may surpass Barcelona in the number of victories in the Champions League

The German magazine Kicker published a report announcing a special number for Bayern Munich at the top of the Champions League if the victory was achieved in the Villarreal match, which will be played in the first leg of the quarter-finals in the continental competition, scheduled for next Wednesday between the two teams.

And if Bayern Munich wins next Wednesday’s match against Villarreal, this will be the German team’s 159th victory in the Champions League.

The newspaper said: “Bayern Munich will surpass Barcelona’s team, which has 158 victories, while Real Madrid has the largest number of wins in the Champions League with 171 victories.”

On the other hand, we saw the Bayern Munich match against Freiburg, in which Bayern Munich advanced 4-1 in the 28th round of the German Premier League competition. This is a strange event in the match, during which 12 players were involved through the Bavarian team for some seconds before discovering command.

The German newspaper, Bild, said that the match was suspended for a few minutes before its end, and this was due to the appearance of 12 Bayern players on the field of the match for several seconds.


The German newspaper, Bild, added that Freiburg club is likely to file an official complaint because of the mistakes that occurred while 12 players were on the field during the match.

Bayern coach Nagelsmann told the press about the incident, saying: “The player Tolisso was complaining of stomach problems and hurried to the dressing room. the match”.

He continued, saying: “This problem was in the electronic board related to the players’ replacement numbers, and during the switch, the number 29 appeared instead of the number 11, and the Koman player did not have any experience to know that, in addition to that, we did not attack this number for a moment on the field.”

For his part, Freiburg coach Christian Streiche said: “There is a set of laws for such errors and we, Freiburg, Bayern Munich and all other clubs must abide by these rules and this is what I understand from the judicial rules.”

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