Bayern Munich on the inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo: False rumors

Bayern Munich regarding the inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo: False rumors.

Bayern Munich commented on the recent press reports about Bayern Munich’s desire to sign Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United striker, during the current summer Mercato.

And the Spanish newspaper “AS” had previously indicated that Bayern Munich is considering a move to include Portuguese star Ronaldo, in the event that his Polish star Lewandowski insists on moving to Barcelona during the current summer transfer market.

The newspaper added that the Bavarian club began to surrender to the desire of its Polish star to leave for Barcelona during the current summer Mercato, after the relationship between the two parties was strained due to the failure to reach an agreement on the new contract.

Commenting on the possibility of Ronaldo signing, Bayern Munich sporting director Hassan Saleh Hamdic said: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player with a great career, but the rumors that are being spread are incorrect.”
Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United, after one season of returning to the team, due to his absence from the Champions League.

Lewandowski, 33, insists on leaving Bayern Munich this summer, and Barcelona is the closest destination for the Polish star.

Bayern Munich succeeded in obtaining the services of Senegalese star Sadio Mane from the ranks of Liverpool, on a 3-year contract.

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