Nagelsmann: Bayern Munich will change the way it plays

Nagelsmann: Bayern Munich will change the way it plays after Lewandowski’s departure


Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann confirmed that the Bavarian game plan next season will change dramatically after the departure of Polish international Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona.


Julian Nagelsmann added during a press conference on Tuesday: “When a striker like Leva plays in the front, you rely more on your playing on the sides, but now our style of play will change, you will see a new Bayern, it will be a challenge and I love challenges.”


Nagelsmann added: “In the past, it may have been easier for the opponents to prepare and plan against us, but now the opponents will be more and more unpredictable about what we will do.”


He is one of the most talented defenders in the world and is still young, it is a good sign for us and the Bundesliga that he chose us, he is also a threat to opponents from set pieces, which is important, I hope he scores 7- 8 goals.


Nagelsmann said of Barcelona: “The only club that doesn’t have money but then buys every player they want. I don’t know how they really do that, it’s kind of weird, kind of crazy.”


On the possibility of concluding new deals, Nagelsmann said: “The transfer period is still open and we will see what happens, we will do a good job until the end of the transfer market.”


When asked: Will he leave Pavard, Upamecano or Nianzu after the De Ligt deal? “I’m not planning for one of these players to leave the club, but in football anything is possible,” Nagelsmann said.


Nagelsmann stressed: “This season should be better than last season. I was happy in the first round of last season, but the last 7-8 matches were not good.”


Nagelsmann continued: “I also have to focus on our performance more than on the opponent. There is always pressure when you coach Bayern. I hope we can be more stable.”

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