Benzema: Ready for the first match in the World Cup and I did not receive Ronaldo’s congratulations for the Ballon d’Or



French Real Madrid player Karim Benzema caused an embarrassing situation for his ex-Real Madrid colleague, Cristiano Ronaldo, after winning the Ballon d’Or.


For the first time in his career, Benzema won the Ballon d’Or award from France Football magazine as the best player in the world in 2022.


“No, I have not received a congratulatory message from Ronaldo yet, but please calm down,” Benzema joked, in statements to the French channel Telefoot.


And the French star added: “The Golden Ball is an exceptional thing to win it. It has always been a goal for me. Zidane is the curve of this award. Since I was young, I completely believed in myself, and I think that I could crown it one day. I did not want to end my football career without winning the ball.” golden .


“I am not greedy, we now have a World Cup and I want to do my best with the French national team,” Real Madrid’s top scorer continued.


Karim Benzema continued: “I have taken care of myself, and I will be ready for the first match in the World Cup, we are one team, all matches for us are final, so we must win them all.”


Karim said about France winning the World Cup for the third time, “I certainly dream about it like everyone else, but I am not saying that I will participate in the World Cup and I must win it, I do not play alone, so there is no point in pressing yourself.”


Benzema replied of the World Cup group in France, “Football is always the same, 11 to 11 on the field, so we have to face our opponent with ambition already, respect your opponent and do everything to win our three matches.”


And about the teams nominated to win the title, Benzema replied: “It can be Argentina, as it can be Spain, France, of course, as well as Brazil.”


Benzema completed in response to a question: Do you think we are candidates for the title (France)? By saying, “It’s mandatory and it has to be said, but now, it’s the same every time, we have to show that we are the favourites and that we want to win.”


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