Benzema’s Guide to Playing Good Football

Didier Deschamps threw the bomb in EURO 2020, choosing Karim Benzema in his team for the next tournament after a five-year absence. With the Real Madrid striker getting ready to take on a leading role within the group, he gave his definition of good football.

Benzema’s career at Real Madrid was exhilarating, and it can be divided into two parts. The first is when the player always sacrificed and stayed in the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo, providing him with opportunities to score.

Benzema’s performance often went unnoticed. His relationship with the fans was tested in many occasions, but since Ronaldo left for Juventus, the former Lyon star started to shine.

He has become his own player, carrying Los Blanco’s attacking moves. Now, fans appreciate what has always been under their noses.

This high-level performance poked even Didier to take notice, despite the belief that the goalscorer would never represent France again.

Benzema explained to L’Equipe, “when the match is over, I know if I did well or not. Sometimes we don’t talk much about the movements, but I understand that football has become something else.”

“These days, when you score at the last minute, it doesn’t matter if you are the worst player. You will be seen as the best,” he added.

“This happened to me once, but football isn’t just about statistics. I don’t believe this is good. If I scored a goal, but played horribly, I won’t go home happy.”

When he was asked on what he believes defines respecting the game, Benzema gave a thoughtful answer.

He added, “knowing if you have to play with one touch, shoot or if you have to cross the ball.”

“Football is about all these things. You have to respect it,”

“To create beautiful things, whether the passing of Zidane or the scoring of Ronaldo, you need to play with one touch.”


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