Brazilian Club Offered Messi a Contract with Strange Terms

Barcelona’s star, Lionel Messi, received an offer from a Brazilian club after he became a free agent.

Messi received an official offer from the Brazilian club Ibis, which is the “worst team in the world”.

The Brazilian club competes in the lower-level leagues and is proud of not winning titles in three years and 11 months.

The last condition requires Messi to swear thrice in front of the mirror that Pele is better than Maradona.

This offer is not the first attempt of a superstar to the team.

The official account of the Brazilian club, which has 269,000 followers, has previously tried to sign a contract with Thomas Müller.

The conditions of the contract are strange, especially that the contract period must be for 15 years.

In addition, Messi’s salary depends on his performance.

At the same time, Messi can’t score many goals. If he did, the contract will be terminated.

Another condition is that Messi can’t win titles because the team cannot be a champion “according to their description”, otherwise Messi will be out.

Also, Messi can’t wear the number 10 because it is for the legend of the club, Mauro Shampoo.

As Messi is now a free agent, there is a lot of speculation about his future with Barcelona.



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