Burnley vs Watford Premier League match postponed due to corona virus

Burnley vs Watford Premier League match postponed due to corona virus

The English Premier League announced the postponement of the Burnley match against Watford, scheduled for next Tuesday; Due to the increase in infections among the first ranks of the Corona virus during the past days.

Burnley coach Sean Daichi said on Monday his team had 10 new injured first-team players and they were “a little bit worse” than before Saturday’s game against Leicester, which has also been postponed.

According to the “Sky Sport” network, this is the fifth time that Covid this season has witnessed a postponement of one of Burnley’s matches, but the second time the request came from Claret .. they had a match against Tottenham postponed due to heavy snow.

Burnley has played 17 games so far in the English Premier League out of 22 matches awaiting a date for the postponed matches in the future, and is in the last place in the league with 11 points, 3 points behind the places to stay, while Watford occupies 17th place in the league with 14 points.

This comes after Arsenal succeeded in requesting the postponement of the north London derby on Sunday, after losing two players to Covid, injury, suspension and the African Cup of Nations.

Premier League teams have been criticized for amending the rules around postponements – which have been implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic – to give them a competitive advantage.

And the English Premier League decided 4 days ago to postpone the Burnley match against Leicester City, scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, in the 22nd round of the English Premier League competitions.

And the official page of the English Premier League published on Twitter that it was decided to postpone the match after accepting Burnley’s request; Because the team does not have the required number of players available for the match “13 players and one goalkeeper”.

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