Cafu: The World Cup in Qatar will be the greatest in history

Cafu, the Brazilian football legend and ambassador of the Qatar Legacy Program, confirmed that the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be the most compact ever and one of the greatest world cups in history.

In an interview with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy team, Cafu said, “At Qatar 2022 you will have an entire World Cup compacted into a small area. You will have all the venues, fan zones, and facilities in one place with just a short distance to travel between any two venues.”

He added, “With less travel, the players won’t be as tired as they can get more rest between games. This should hopefully result in better performances on the pitch and fewer injuries.”

Cafu and the Motorbike Trip

He continued, “During my trip to Qatar earlier this year, I had the opportunity to travel across Doha on a motorbike with a local motorcycle group. I love riding my motorbike in Brazil. So, this was an incredible experience for me. We traveled the longest distance possible between two World Cup stadiums – from Al Janoub to Al Bayt. We took in all the beautiful sights along the way. The journey took us just over one hour in total. This really highlighted to me just how compact this World Cup will be.”

Cafu expressed his fascination with the progress witnessed by the State of Qatar. He said, “Qatar had changed a lot since my last visit before the pandemic. Every year the country progresses at such a fast rate. It is like visiting a new city or country. The infrastructure is now 95% complete. So, they are almost ready for next year’s World Cup that I believe will be one of the greatest in history. I think it is going to be incredible. People will want to be there to experience it.”

Cafu expressed his admiration for Qatar’s preparations to host the World Cup. He said, “I am very impressed by the way Qatar has dedicated themselves to ensuring this is an amazing tournament. I know they are excited to welcome fans from all over the world in 2022. Everyone will be welcome for what I think will be a global celebration of our beautiful game.”

Cafu and the World Cup

It is noteworthy that Cafu is the only player in the world who participated in the final of three successive editions of the World Cup from 1994 to 2002. He managed to lead the Brazilian national team to win the 2002 World Cup hosted by South Korea and Japan. Before that, he won the title with his country in the United States of America in 1994. He also participated with the Brazil national team in the 1998 World Cup final against the host and winner France.

Cafu is the most participating with the national team among all the players in the history of Brazil. He participated in the national team in 142 matches.


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