Cameroon Lions lead Africa’s ambition against Switzerland in the 2022 World Cup


The Cameroonian national team cuts the tape of its matches in the 2022 World Cup, when it meets its Swiss counterpart, in the meeting that brings them together at twelve o’clock this afternoon, Thursday, at the South Stadium, at the start of the two teams’ journey in the group stage in Group G.

The Group G competitions in the 2022 World Cup include “Brazil, the most crowned team, Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia.”

The Cameroon national team, representative of the African continent, seeks to achieve a surprise at the beginning of its World Cup career, and achieves a victory over the Swiss national team to compete for one of the two qualifying cards to the next round.

The Cameroon Lions qualified for the World Cup in Qatar after they overthrew Algeria with a fatal goal in the last moments of a decisive confrontation that the “Untamed Lions” team ended in favor of 1-2. In addition to Onana, Inter Milan goalkeeper.

The Cameroonian national team holds the record for the number of African participations in the World Cup, and the 2022 edition will be its eighth participation in the World Cup. (then defending champion) in the opening match.

Cameroon coach Rigobert Song hopes to lead his country to restore memories of the beautiful time to the tune of the famous “Roger Milla Dance”, who is one of the most prominent black stars in history.

The story of Roger Milla dates back to 1990 when he received a phone call from Cameroonian President Paul Biya, who asked him to play with the Cameroon national team participating in the World Cup in Italy, and scored 4 goals in that tournament, and they qualified for the round of 16, after which they qualified for the quarter-finals, and played against England. But they lost in that meeting.

Cameroon surprised the world at the time by defeating Argentina, the World Cup holders, with Maradona, with a goal without a response, before defeating mighty Colombia with a score of 1/2, after Roger Milla deceived goalkeeper Higuita and snatched the ball from him, scored a wonderful goal and danced his famous dance in front of the corner flag that It amazed everyone, and the Lions then became the first African team to qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

On the other hand, the Swiss national team seeks to win and score the first 3 points in its tournament career, and its list witnessed the presence of Xherdan Shaqiri, Denis Zakaria and Granit Chaka, while goalkeeper Yvonne Mfugo is absent from it, and he is participating for the 12th time in the history of the World Cup.

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