Casey is close to renewing with Milan

Casey is close to renewing with Milan

Press reports revealed that Ivorian Frank Kessie approached the renewal of his contract with Milan during this period in order to ensure his continuation with the team in the coming years.

Casey, 24, has a contract with the Rossoneri that expires in June 2022.

And the newspaper “Toto Sport” confirmed that Casey wants to get a big salary and be the highest salary in the team after the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The newspaper added that Milan offers the midfielder about 5 million euros, while the player wants 6 million euros in exchange for an extension.

The newspaper added that Casey will miss the first two matches of the Italian league this season due to an injury to his flexor muscles.

Milan will play in the first round of the Italian Serie A against Sampdoria on Monday 23 August at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium.

AC Milan’s management has settled on a plan to renew the contract of Ivorian international Frank Kessie, the Rossoneri midfielder, which expires in June 2022.

Milan officials decided to renew Frank Casey’s contract, during his recovery from the injury he suffered in the first team training recently, which will lead to his absence for a whole month.

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