Champions League.. Morata: The performance calls for optimism

Champions League.. Morata: The performance calls for optimism, but it is difficult to win the title

Alvaro Morata, the Italian Juventus striker, confirmed that Juventus must give everything he has in order to win against Villarreal, Spain, in the confrontation scheduled to take place tomorrow evening, Tuesday, in the first leg of the Champions League final.

“Villarreal have clear ideas, play football well and move well with and without the ball, we have to give everything we have, and we know what to do,” Morata said in the match’s press conference.

Morata added, “The position I play in does not matter, the important thing is Juventus’ victory and the performance calls for optimism. Tomorrow we have an important test. It is difficult to win the Champions League, but it is also difficult to beat us.”

In response to a question about how far Juventus will reach in the Champions League? Morata replied, “It is impossible to know, some luck plays a role in this tournament, for the past ten years the champions of the tournament have been going out at times, we have to give everything we have if we want to go far.”

Morata continued, “Vlahovic is already looking forward to tomorrow’s match. This is something that gives everyone enthusiasm, we hope that tomorrow he scores for the first time in the Champions League.”

Juventus qualified for this round after topping the table of Group H in the group stage with 15 points, while Villarreal finished second in Group F with 10 points.

Juventus hopes to win during the first leg in Spain, to make the task easier on itself in the return match in Italy on March 16, while Villarreal seeks to win a comfortable result at home and among its fans to approach the quarter-final qualification.

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