Harvest the Champions League during the 2022 season


The curtain came down on the Champions League competitions for the last season 2021-2022 after Real Madrid won the fourteenth title in its history, following its defeat in the final that was held yesterday at the Stade de France in the French capital, Paris. Attend a large crowd.

The league matches witnessed 125 matches, in which players scored 380 goals, 3.04 goals per match, with an average of 30 minutes.

The last quarter of the match lasted from 76 to 90 minutes, recording 58 goals as the highest period in which clubs scored, followed by the penultimate quarter with 57 goals, while the average fewer goals came in the first quarter of the confrontations that witnessed only 42 of them.

While he scored more than 90 goals in the Champions League matches, 19 goals and two goals in the first extra time.

Despite leaving the Champions League early, Bayern Munich topped the clubs with the most goals with 31 goals, one goal behind Liverpool, who scored thirty goals, while Manchester City came third with 29 goals, and Real Madrid came in fourth place with the same number. of goals.

The English club Chile topped the list of the most conservative teams with its goal, with five draws with Benfica and Real Madrid, and the fourth with Liverpool, with four draws with Manchester City and Juventus.

French Karim Benzema topped the Champions League top scorer with 15 goals, followed by Poland’s Robert Lewandowski with 13 goals, then Ajax Sebastian Heller with 11 goals, and Mohamed Salah in fourth place with eight goals, ahead of Manchester United’s Riyad Mahrez City, and Leipzig’s Kono, who Score a goal. 7 goals.

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes finished top of the Assist Champions League list with 7 goals in the tournament.

Bruno outperformed Brazilian Vinicius, who tied 6 goals with Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sane.

Egyptian international Mohamed Salah won the largest number of shots in the Champions League with 22 goals, behind Karim Benzema, who scored 23 goals, and the Pharaoh outperformed Lewandowski, who came third with 19 shots.

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