Chelsea coach: We hope Tuchel will arrive before the Club World Cup final

Chelsea coach: We hope Tuchel will arrive before the Club World Cup final

Solt Loew, assistant coach in the Chelsea technical staff, talked about the Blues’ chances of winning the Club World Cup after setting a date with Palmeiras in the FIFA Club World Cup currently being held in the UAE.

“We worked hard, we lost a little freedom and rhythm. We started a little nervous, it wasn’t easy. We tried really hard to find a solution. My opinion is that the solution was there but we didn’t find it easily,” said Solt Loew after the match.

Solt Loew stressed: “We lost some rhythm in this match but we fought hard to get the result and reach the final. This competition is very important for the club. The players felt the pressure and that is why we failed to find an easy solution and score goals. The players did a good job. We did not concede a goal and we had a lot of Chances of scoring a second goal.

Asked about Dar’s call with Tuchel, Zolt Love said: “We talked after the first half and had a good conversation. He had the same feeling that we were a little nervous and lost a lot of balls easily. And about telling the guys to calm down and find the rhythm and not fight over tough solutions… We haven’t talked yet. The match, maybe in a little while we can talk.”

We are expecting a very difficult match in the final with a lot of fans from Brazil. Like today it will feel like an away game. This makes things more difficult but we are ready to play the final. We are here to win it. “.

“Everyone is very happy that Lukaku scored, he fought hard and tried hard in the last game. That’s why we give him the chance all the time. We were hoping for a little luck to score today. He is very happy, we are very happy and we hope he continues to score in the final,” said Solt Loew. “.

Zolt Love continued: “Kai had a good week of training and that’s why we decided to let him play. He did his job very well, had some dangerous situations and worked hard to close spaces. He played a good game.”

“I think we are well prepared for this tournament and the final. The most important thing is that we play a little bit more freely in the final with a better rhythm. Today’s match was good for playing our first time in this stadium, to adapt,” explained Solt Loew.

And Zolt Love added: “We know they are a very big club in Brazil. They have a lot of good players. In the coming days we will analyze their videos. We will be well prepared.”

Zolt Loew said: “Kovacic has a lot of experience. He played a lot of big matches in his career. He is important on and off the field. He gave everything today. He never stopped running, he never stopped fighting and he always tried to find a solution for his teammates. We are very happy to have him in This group. He’s a great leader.”

On Chelsea’s chances against Palmeiras, Zolt Love said: “Before we traveled, we watched a video of them leaving training to come here. We see a lot of photos and videos of how the fans celebrate and support the team. It’s amazing.”

“They have great fans for sure. In the last game, maybe 15,000 were here. I expect a great atmosphere but we are used to it from big Champions League matches and big finals. We are ready for it. I expect a good atmosphere,” said Solt Loew.

“In the cup, Kepa made a strong performance and saved the penalty, today when we needed him he was there and led with a great save. He is in very good shape. He plays and trains well. We are lucky to have him.”

We hope that Thomas can travel as soon as possible. As I said before, he will follow the government’s rules. He is in isolation now and does a PCR test every day. Once the test is negative, he opens up the possibility of travel. Every day we wait. We hope he comes to enjoy the final.”

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