Tuchel: Chelsea made the Luton Town match difficult from the first opportunity

German coach Thomas Tuchel made statements to the Chelsea team about the difficult victory that the team achieved on Wednesday evening at the expense of Luton Town in the match that was held at “Kinlworth Road”, on Wednesday evening, in the fifth round of the FA Cup for the current season 2021-2022.

“We made the match more difficult than it should have been, from the first opportunity we received from them they scored against us, we conceded from the second shot as well,” Toma Tuchel said in statements after the match.

Tuchel added: “It was difficult. The difference between the final and after three days here, the difference in conditions is huge. I like the way we played, we have risen with time.”

Tuchel warned: “We did not bow our heads, we are Chelsea, we did not feel discouraged, we continued to move forward, we were patient and non-stop to find the decisive gaps and opportunities, and we deserved to win, and the team’s performance was really good. I loved what I saw from the team.”

About the Lukaku and Werner double, Tuchel said: “That’s why they have to play in these matches. Every game we play is the most important. That’s why they are on the field. It’s good that they score.”

On the sale of Roman Abramovich to Chelsea, he said: “Maybe I heard it a little earlier than you but very close to kick-off. We heard rumors all day, it’s on TV. When we have team meetings, we eat together – everyone talks about it.”

The Chelsea coach continued: “It’s big news. Let’s wait and see, wish the best, we’ll see what comes today.”

Tuchel explained: “I think every decision he makes is the right one. It’s his choice, his club. That’s not what I should comment on.”

Tuchel spoke about the impact of Roman Abramovich’s decision on the club: “If you want to answer, I don’t know exactly how to answer you. In the very short term, for us as a team – staff, players, I hope nothing changes. The situation now is not in our hands, it’s a decision. big”.

“Trying to keep the noise out and keep our focus is not always easy and today we showed that we can do that and we try again on Saturday,” Tuchel explained.

About the size of the victory for the team after the previous news, Tuchel said: “We do not live on an island, the players have the Internet and the television is working and we see the news. This is normal. Some are not connected to it, and others are more worried, this is normal.”

Tuchel stressed: “Going into the match on the same day, where concentration is the key to victory, is not that easy, it makes it a greater performance, I am very happy.”

The impact of Roman Abramovich’s decision to sell the club on the players? “We didn’t talk,” Tuchel confirmed. “We accepted that, the players have the internet and they watch TV.”

Tuchel continued: “Our focus at the moment is to qualify the team only. I don’t think I should talk about it. I don’t know, maybe as much as you think.”

Tuchel confirmed

(I’m not worried about change, my feelings go toward gratitude for being in a perfect place, and I’m not someone who’s worried about things I can’t influence. It’s big news, big change, but I’m not afraid of change.)

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