Can Chelsea repeat the 7-0 result against Norwich?

Can Chelsea repeat the 7-0 result against Norwich? .. Tuchel responds

German coach Thomas Tuchel responded to the possibility of repeating the same result that the team achieved over Norwich City in the first leg with a 7-0 win, when they meet tomorrow, Thursday in the English Premier League.

And Tuchel said during the match press conference: “It certainly will not be repeated, because this was exceptional and it happens once a season. If it happened, it would be a big mistake to draw any conclusions from this match, we will not use it in preparations.”

He added: “They have a new coach and a new style of defense. A lot has changed. This should not affect our mentality. This is clear. They are the weak opponent, and they have nothing to lose. We deal with these situations well, we have to give the required performance.”

On the possibility of pursuing Manchester City, he said: “We have everything to do it, there are no excuses, the club provides everything, the culture, the infrastructure, the team, it is up to us now, there are always many reasons why we have a gap that makes us close that gap.” .

Regarding the absences from tomorrow’s meeting, he said: “Everyone trained today, except for Ben Chilwell and Reece James. Reese James missed today’s training. He suffers from some muscle problems after his three matches he played.”

Chelsea is third in the English Premier League standings with 53 points, while Manchester City leads the standings with 69 points

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