Chelsea vs Juventus.. Allegri: We miss Ronaldo

Chelsea vs Juventus.. Allegri: We miss Ronaldo.. Blues are better without Lukaku

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke about his team’s confrontation with Chelsea in the fifth round of the group stage of the Champions League for the 2021-22 season.

Juventus will be a heavy guest against Chelsea at ten in the evening, tomorrow, Tuesday, in a fiery summit in the fifth round of the eighth group of the Champions League, at Stamford Bridge.

Juventus is at the top of the Group H table in the Champions League, with 12 points, while Chelsea is second with 9 points.

“We will play for first place against a team that leads the English Premier League, it will be an important test for us,” Allegri said during the match’s introductory press conference.

The Juve coach added, “Danilo will be out for two months, Kulusevsky is ready for the confrontation, and Dybala has trained and will be fully prepared.”

In response to his question: Do you miss Ronaldo’s goals?, Allegri said, “Cristiano has always been a top scorer and has always been a key player. This year we scored a few but we will definitely find the goals.”

And Allegri added, “We have to choose because we have four defenders, including De Winter, a good young man. In the midfield, everyone is present except for Bernardeschi, Kulusevsky, even if he did not train this morning, but he was at the dentist and tomorrow he will be there.”

Allegri responded to a question: Do you expect a match similar to the first leg? He said, “Tomorrow we will play for first place against a team at the top of the English Premier League and winner of the Champions League, with Lukaku Chelsea plays in a different way, without him they increase the pace of the counterattack, for us it is an important test.”

The old man’s coach continued, “We need to improve, we are still making mistakes in the last third, Kane or Morata will participate and maybe the two will get a chance.”

And Allegri concluded: “Lukaku is a reference point, it is an important station, without him they increase their speed, if he is going to play, you have to defend in one way, but if he is not there, you have to play in another way.”

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