Courtois Reveals Secrets about Real Madrid Dressing Room

Thibaut Courtois revealed some secrets about the Real Madrid dressing room like the player who spends his time on his phone, the jokers of the team, and the music addicts.

During an interview with the French newspaper Téléfoot, the Belgian keeper talked about the player with the most technical skills, saying, “For me, it is Marcelo. Technically, he is very good, but of course, there are also others like Kroos, Modric, and Hazard”

He also spoke of the players who get angry the most in mini-matches, “Modric, Nacho, and Carvajal are the ones who hate losing.”

Moving to the jokers of the team, he said, “Marcelo loves to joke, so does Ramos. I think overall, there is quite a lot of banter in our dressing room.”

Courtois added, about the ones in charge of playing music in the room, “Right now, we cannot be together, so it’s a little bit difficult. Usually, it’s either Marcelo or Ramos. Ramos always listens to Spanish music and reggaetón. Marcelo likes to put on classics and hip hop. That’s why it’s always different, but it’s good to have a mix of both.”

Real Madrid Dressing Room and the mobile phone

Courtois concluded by commenting on one of the strange habits of the players who are using mobile phones inside the dressing room, saying “I am one of those who use it the most, I admit it. Modric, too, uses his phone a lot. The younger ones are always on their phones. If you go into the dressing room after a game or a training session, you’ll see 20 players all on their phones. I don’t think it’s a good thing.”


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