4 scenes decorate Cristiano Ronaldo’s historic night


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the Al-Nasr team, wrote the first lines of brilliance in the Saudi stadiums after he scored the “Super Hat-trick” quadruple. From the Saudi Professional League Championship (Roshan League).


Records achieved by Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo achieved many historical figures, as he raised his score to 503 goals in the history of his participation in the local leagues with the teams he played for, represented by Sporting Lisbon of Portugal, Manchester United of England, Real Madrid of Spain, Juventus of Italy, then Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia.


In addition, the “Don” reached the 61st hat-trick in his career in general with the clubs and the Portuguese national team, and he also scored the first hat-trick in 299 days, when he scored Norwich City with Manchester United in the English Premier League championship.


Commander’s cry


The camera lenses captured Ronaldo in many shots while directing his teammates very strictly in order to move forward and improve the attacking position, in addition to how to stand on the field.


Al-Nasr players are calm when they hear Ronaldo’s instructions, and even quickly implement them. This happened in the first goal when he referred to Abdul Rahman Gharib by passing forward into the empty space.


In addition, Ronaldo was constantly shouting at his teammates to score more goals, despite advancing by four goals.


Unstoppable passion


Ronaldo appeared with great enthusiasm after every goal he scored, as if he was playing for the first time in his career, which was transferred to the victory stars, who played with full force and strengthened their progress by four.


Ronaldo is known for his intense enthusiasm and constant desire to score goals, but he appeared in the Al-Wahda match in a completely different way than he had recently, at the level of desire, strength and enthusiasm.


Heartbreak Fifth Goal


Although Ronaldo scored a “super hat-trick” and raised his tally to 5 goals with victory in general, he lamented missing the opportunity to score for the fifth time against Al-Wahda.


Ronaldo launched a ball from the left side and hit the ball strongly, but it passed next to the left post of Al-Wehda team, to fall to the ground and kept screaming about the missed opportunity.


This indicates Ronaldo’s great mentality, through which he aims to score many goals continuously, even if he has the upper hand in the match.


Greet the masses


As soon as the final whistle blew, some of the children and photographers who were present in the stadium headed towards Cristiano Ronaldo in order to take private pictures with him.


In addition, the Nasrawi fans kept chanting Ronaldo’s name until he went to the stands to greet them, where they clapped for him and chanted his name until he entered the corridor leading to the dressing room.


Before leaving the stadium, Ronaldo went to the match referee and got the hat-trick ball, which the latter signed himself, to immortalize this memory along with the balls he owns for scoring goals.


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