Criticism of the Distribution of TV Broadcast Revenues in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi sports writer criticized the mechanism of the distribution of TV broadcast revenues in the Saudi League.

According to Abdul Rahman Al-Jammaz, the revenues of TV broadcast are still unclear. and it has gone through fragile and faltering experiences between “encrypted” and “free.”

Al-Jammaz also indicated that this mechanism clearly revealed the weakness of those revenues. And also indicated the weakness of the Professional League.

Furthermore, the writer noted not to benefit from the most important financial source that would be able to pump hundreds of millions into the arteries and empty coffers of clubs.

Al-Jammaz also accused the clubs of relying directly on the huge government support they receive.


Moreover, the Saudi writer gave examples from the English Premier League and the distribution of TV broadcast revenues. In fact, Premier League clubs received more than 2 billion pounds in the 2019 season.

He added that the league champion received 158 million pounds, according to the approved distribution mechanism.

The writer explained that the leader of the league is the most likely among its peers to obtain the highest percentage of those returns.

He also indicated that the same applies to the Spanish League. Although the numbers, the distribution mechanism, and standards differ. But, the mechanism itself agrees to give preference to the better clubs.

The writer cited news about the “MBC” group. It says that it reached a final agreement with the Saudi Sports Company to broadcast the Saudi championships. Also, Shahid will be the platform concerned with broadcasting.

Furthermore, the writer added that this establishes the beginning of an important breakthrough. It activates the income of television broadcasting through encryption.

However, the writer indicated that this matter will involve a lot of objections that must be understood. Also, the transfer will be via applications via the Internet, which includes many disadvantages.


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