Deschamps: If Benzema wants to watch the final World Cup it’s up to him


Didier Deschamps, coach of the France national team, confirmed that he does not think about any player outside the French national team list that he has owned since the beginning of the World Cup, after the exit of the injured, before the exciting confrontation that brings France and Argentina tomorrow, Sunday, in the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


Deschamps said in the pre-match press conference, “I do not like to answer the question of Karim Benzema, before the World Cup he was injured, as well as Lucas Hernandez, since the beginning of the tournament I had only 24 players, and it is unfair for these players to ask other players to come, everyone who wants to come and attend the match and watch it is not up to me, but for playing matches I have 24 players, and now my focus is on these elements that I rely on.”




Deschamps added, “We look forward to being ready for the Argentina game, we want to be at our best, Scaloni always faces challenges like us, he lost the first match against Saudi Arabia, but in the games we played we managed to come out winners, we have to keep our focus and be calm, the goal is to come out with the title holders and I know that Argentina has the support of many from all over the world, even among some French fans of Messi.”


The France coach continued, “I do not want to go into the details of the infections due to the camel virus, but we are doing our best to apply precautionary measures without exaggerating or slipping in our reactions, we would have preferred that it not be like this, but we are doing what is available with the medical staff.”


On the possibility of the impact of the result of tomorrow’s match on his continuation with the French national team, Deschamps said, “I do not know what I can say in my continuation with the French team, to be the coach of the French national team this is the best thing that happened to me, it was a great opportunity for me and very happy to be the coach of the French team, but the team is most important of all, and I am in the service of the team for 10 years, but it all depends on tomorrow’s match I do not think about what will happen next, my focus is on the coronation World Cup.


Deschamps concluded, “I know that Argentina has great support, we also have many fans and they will be in the stadium, most of the fans will encourage the fans and the atmosphere will be festive and the Argentines are passionate people like any people who support their team, and this is a positive atmosphere, it is useful to have such an atmosphere in the World Cup but our opponent is not the fans but the team we will face in the stadium.”


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