Deschamps: Giroud does not need to prove himself

Deschamps: Giroud does not need to prove himself, and I do not wish for the position of Portugal and Italy

French coach Didier Deschamps confirmed that he focuses on the present and does not care about the future, after Olivier Giroud was called to replace the injured Karim Benzema in the roosters’ squad, in preparation for the friendly matches between Ivory Coast and South Africa.

Giroud has not played for the French national team since leaving Switzerland at Euro 2020 last June, but the 35-year-old is back in action after Benzema’s injury.

The Milan striker separates only five goals from Thierry Henry’s equation in the list of the historical top scorer for the French national team, after he scored 46 goals in 110 matches.

Deschamps said, during a press conference today: “The most important thing for me is to be consistent and fair in my conversation with the players, whether Olivier or others Olivier will join us and he does not have to do more or less. Also without him, and it’s still selectable, as I’ve always said.”

He added, “But don’t ask me about the future, of course his presence is linked to Karim’s injury, but there is no special interest around him, he is part of the group.”

When asked if Benzema and Giroud could appear together, Deschamps replied: “It’s not a question of relationships, there is competition as well, but it goes further, history shows that it is always very difficult for a player of the status he deserves not to have this prestige.”

Deschamps stressed that France’s upcoming friendly matches are important, while expressing his happiness that he was not in the center of Portugal and Italy, who will fight the battle to qualify for the World Cup in the play-offs.

Deschamps said: “I know that many players have played very important matches before and they will play very important matches after that, and it is our duty to be efficient. “.

He concluded: “I would rather be in my place than my Italian and Portuguese counterparts, and I am happy to be among the 14 countries that have already qualified [for Qatar]!”

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