Don’t Worry, Says Laporta after Messi Contract Expired

Barcelona fans are deeply anxious about Messi’s future in the team, whether he decides to leave or stay. A video of the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta went viral. He was leaving his workplace, and many journalists were waiting for him to ask about Messi’s future.

Laporta received tons of questions about Messi’s future in the team. He only replied with one word, “don’t worry”

It is true that Messi has become a free player. There are a lot of speculations about his future with Barcelona. Especially last year, he asked to leave before the end of his contract.

Some reports mentioned that the Argentine star may have been convinced by Joan Laporta’s project, in which he started rebuilding the team to compete for titles in the coming seasons.

The reports added that Barcelona made several deals during the last period, while the president, who is serving his second term, promised to conclude new deals.

Barcelona wants to give Messi a ten-year contract, starting next year, with Messi wearing the team shirt for two seasons. He will then start his career at Inter Miami, for two more years. After that he will return to the Catalan club as a member and an ambassador for the team, to start with Barcelona a new promotional project.

The contract is estimated to be €240 million, over four seasons. This amount is the least that Messi receives. Discussions are still going about the salary and the variables or incentives that the Argentine player will receive when he takes over his managerial position in the team.


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