Egypt tops the list of the top 10 scoring teams in the African

Egypt tops the list of the top 10 scoring teams in the African Nations Cup

A few days before the start of the African Cup of Nations in its 33rd edition, which will be hosted by Cameroon from January 9 to February 6, the tournament has witnessed many goals throughout its era, but the national team remains the most scored in the history of the tournament.

The Egyptian team is considered the greatest of Africa and the most crowned continental title, as the Pharaohs team reached the final of the African Nations Cup in 9 different times throughout the history of the tournament.

Through it, he managed to score the title 7 times, occupying the top spot in the African teams, two titles ahead of host Cameroon and the closest competitor with 5 titles.

Below we monitor the 10 most goals scored in the history of the African Nations.

Egypt national team: 164 goals

Côte d’Ivoire: 138 goals

Nigeria national team: 132 goals

Ghana national team: 130 goals

Cameroon national team: 123 goals

Tunisia national team: 94 goals

Algeria national team: 93 goals

Congo national team: 88 goals

Zambia national team: 81 goals

Morocco national team: 74 goals

The draw for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations placed the Egyptian team in Group D, which includes Nigeria, Sudan and Guinea Bissau.

The Egyptian team will receive the group stage by facing Nigeria and then Guinea-Bissau, and will end its confrontations with the brotherly Sudanese team

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