Salah is the reason and what happened is madness

Salah is the reason and what happened is madness … Kargra raises the controversy about why Mohamed Salah caused the loss of the Egyptian team

Sadness entered the Egyptian fans at the moment the Egyptian team lost in the African Cup final against Senegal on penalties, and the goalkeeper of Chelsea FC scored a penalty shoot-out, and goalkeeper Abu Jabal starred in the match after blocking Sadio Mane’s kick.

The Egyptian team tired throughout this tournament after playing 4 matches for 120 minutes in a row, winning the Ivory Coast national team by penalty shootouts, the Moroccan team with a double against a goal, Cameroon by penalty shootouts, and finally the Senegal team, which defeated the Egyptian team by penalty shootout.

Former Liverpool star Jimmy Karger marveled at the Egyptian team, which is how they have one of the best players in the world and the penalty shooter in Liverpool and also the Egyptian team and remain in the last place to pay, so Karger saw that this is the reason for the Egyptian team’s loss.

The tears of all the players fell after the loss, most notably Mohamed Salah, who desperately wished to win this award to help crown the Ballon d’Or award and The Best, and Sadio Mane went to console a colleague in Liverpool for the loss.

The Minister of Youth and Sports met with the players after the Senegal match and told them (you did what you had to were men for the last minute) and urged the team that there is still hope, as there are two matches against Senegal to qualify for the World Cup.

Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy won the best goalkeeper in the African Cup of Nations, while Sadio Mane won the best player in the tournament. Abu Jabal won the Man of the Match award after the defeat. He said I was dreaming of winning.

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