Emirati Swimmer Yousuf Almatrooshi: A Victim of Delusions

Emirati swimmer Yousuf Almatrooshi failed in his last attempt to achieve the time required to qualify at the Egyptian Championship that took place between 5 -10 April.

Commenting on this failure, Emirati international swimmer Obaid Al Jasmi attacked, on Wednesday, those responsible for rehabilitating Almatrooshi to participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, blaming them for the failure of the young swimmer to qualify for the Olympic competitions.

Al Jasmi, who previously won the first two Asian bronze medals in swimming for the UAE at the 2018 Asian Championships in Japan, attributed the reason for the failure of the young swimmer to those responsible for his training.

He said that officials made wrong measurements at the Al Wasl club pool before Almatrooshi participated in the Egyptian Championship.

Furthermore, he added that these measurements made the Emirati national team swimmer mistakenly believe that he was close to qualifying.

And he considered that the young man failed to qualify because he was a victim of these delusions.

Al Jasmi called for taking good care of the young swimmer and the promising generation. Repeatedly, he stressed out that Almatrooshi was “a victim of the circumstances he went through.”

He stressed the need for the official authorities to request a detailed report on the circumstances of the failure of the Emirati swimmer to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

On the other hand, Al Jasmi called on officials to develop the Emirati swimming team.

In addition, he stressed the necessity to reform the coaching staff that manages the training of UAE swimmers.

Emirati swimmer Yousuf Almatrooshi failed to reserve a seat in the Egyptian Open Championship held last month. Consequently, he failed to qualify for the Olympics.

In fact, Emirati swimmer Yousuf Almatrooshi is 18 years old.

Al-Jasmi explained that officials provided inaccurate data to the young swimmer in the 100-meter freestyle.

He stated that they ran the race for him in a 20-meter pool.

Moreover, he said, they used a wristwatch to measure time.

Al Wasl club swimmer, Almatrooshi, finished in 50:38 seconds, but the time needed to qualify was 50:03 seconds.

Previously, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) recognized the tournament that took place in Egypt as a qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics.

The Emirati swimmer failed to achieve the time required to qualify. He was 35 seconds behind the required time for the 100-meter freestyle.

In fact, this is not the first time that the UAE national team and Al Wasl swimmer has failed.

previously, Almatrooshi had tried to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics by participating in 3 races in the Egyptian Championship.


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